Haematology Protocol Summit 2012

Haematology Protocol Summit 2012 Report

On 12 August, 2012, the annual Hematology Protocol Summit was successfully conducted at the Sharaton Hong Kong Hotel, for uniting the strength and professional knowledge of haematologists in Hong Kong for further advance the clinical practice and management of haematological diseases. The symposium was officiated by Professor Kwong Yok-Lam, Chair of Haematology and Haematological Oncology and Division Chief of Queen Mary Hospital, which the goal was to initiate a discussion, derive a consensus definition, and develop the best recommendations for an action agenda for the local physicians in the public hospital domain. The symposium objectives were to:

  • Share experience and provide an opportunity to develop a consensus on the most appropriate treatment regimens and interventions needed to tackle the growing burden of haematology disease in Hong Kong
  • Provide a platform for haematologists to keep abreast of the latest treatments and medical progresses in the rapidly developing discipline of haematology
  • Provide an opportunity for exchange of clinical best practices and knowledge in disease management

Participants included local haematologists, oncologists and nurses. More than sixty attendees listened to eleven invited speakers, who presented with updates of haematological practices. Participants also took part actively in each brainstorming discussion sections after each presentation. The list of topics discussed and the agenda can be found as below:

For viewing the presentation slides of each invited speaker, please visit What's New.


Professor Yok-lam Kwong

Dr Eric Tse

Dr Anskar Leung

Dr Ching-wa Lau

Professor James Chim

Dr Raymond Wong

Dr Harinder Singh Gill

Dr June Lau

Dr Thomas Chan


Dr Gloria Hwang

Dr Joycelyn Sim

Professor Albert Lie